SkyddaCARE’s founders
Every business has a beginning. This is how ours began. One a dedicated nurse, the other a patient advocate, Dolores Richards and Crystal Jones both found that the needs of many people were going unmet. Each of them has been a caregiver to family members and know the challenges that are all too common for loved ones and their family members. The two of them decided to meet this need by starting SkyddaCARE. 


SkyddaCARE wants to engage with the senior while they can make decisions about their companion care, rather than when family members have to step in on the senior’s behalf. We believe this is imperative to respecting the senior’s right to make their personal choice to live and enjoy as they would like.

The “caring” is in our name
“Skydda” is a Swedish word meaning to “protect, shield or safeguard”.  We took this word to heart and it is exactly what we do.  We safeguard our seniors’ health, well being and their desire to age well at home.  We provide peace of mind to seniors and their family members.

What We Believe
The founders of SkyddaCARE believe that seniors have a voice and deserve to be participants in this beautiful thing we call life. SkyddaCARE is dedicated to this. We are also dedicated to educating our caregivers with mentorship, training and a philosophy that inspires them to be the best they can. We believe that a company is only as good as its team members. A work culture that is based on respect and professional satisfaction is the key to retention. We are committed to providing our caregivers – our SkyddaCARE Stars, with the tools needed to build happy, fulfilling careers with us. This strengthens SkyddaCARE’s ability to provide seniors with caregivers for the long haul. At SkyddaCARE, we value the benefits of cultivating long term relationships.